ExpatTech is currently short-staffed due to increased corporate on-site work, and our office will often be closed. Please call +36705578849 to arrange an appointment time!

Laptop Rental

Looking to rent a laptop?  ExpatTech has several notebook computers available for short or long term rental.  Rental laptops are ideal for:

  • visitors who want to get out of the internet cafés
  • contract employees
  • people whose laptop is being serviced
  • students working on a project
  • conference attendees


Our laptops cost from 2000-4000Ft per day to rent, depending on the their specs.  The daily rate decrease as the rental term increases - rent for more days, and pay less per day. It's as simple as that!

Update - ExpatTech has added a new laptop to our range of rentals, we have a brand new Lenovo G550 notebook for rent in our office. This new laptop has a 2.4GHz Intel dual core processor, 3GB of RAM, a 15.6" LED glossy screen, and Windows 7 on it. Enough computing power for whatever you want to do, and a great display for watching videos and movies!



If you are interested in renting a laptop, then please let us know how long you would like to rent the laptop and what hardware specs you require (if you don't know, then just tell us what you'll be doing with the laptop like surfing, using Microsoft Word, or using graphics software, etc)

Note:  We do require a sizeable deposit before releasing a laptop, as we need to cover the value of any notebook we rent out. A laptop could be stolen or damaged, and in this case the deposit covers the value of the computer.  Be prepared to pay a deposit that ranges from 50-100000Ft.


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