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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, was a huge topic of interest throughout the past decade.  It is certainly still important to rank well with the search engines, but the days of SEO as a mysterious field/practice that can command huge sums of money to implement are over.  So what has changed?  Namely, developers and avid internet users have become better educated about how to create webpages that succeed with the search engines.  Web developers and site generating software like Wordpress and Joomla are creating sites with optimized urls,title tags, metadata, image names, etc...

So, in a world where SEO is quickly becoming a non-issue, what is our current approach towards the subject?  The answer depends on our client's specific situation.  Here are the most common situations and what we would recommend.

The client wants a new website that does very well with the search engines
Every site that we develop has an SEO-friendly structure and includes a content management system (CMS) with an SEO toolbox. The SEO toolbox allows the client to optimize the website for himself.  Clients can use Google Analytics to track success on the search engines and analyze site traffic.  We also offer free training on how to use the tools and best practices to produce postive results.

The client has an existing site that is not performing well with the search engines
Most companies that actually try to sell SEO as a "solution" or "service" would probably charge a large fee to retro-fit a site with some SEO solutions, but this process can be quite expensive, inefficient, and non-scaleable (does not apply to new/future content that is added to the site).  This being said, we usually recommend building a new site with modern coding techniques and SEO tools.  Replacing your website with one that works properly is an actual solution, instead of an expensive band-aid.  We work work closely with the client to ensure that the upgrade will be seamless and will preserve all of the current SEO critical factors that may already exist.

The client wants to be educated on SEO
We are also happy to consult on the topic of SEO.  In less than a day, we can bring your own internal staff of developers or content managers up to speed on everything they need to know about search engine optimization.  For many clients, handling SEO internally is the best solution and we can certainly facilitate this process.

If you would like more information on how ExpatTech can help you achieve your company's search engine goals, please contact us today!

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