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Web Development

Project Assessment

As mentioned in the pricing section above, the first step in the development process is to assess the scope of the project by defining and prioritizing all of the project requirements.  Here is some useful information regarding this process:

  • if you are worried about the confidentiality of your project, we have non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements prepared in several languages.
  • if you already have a formal requirements document prepared, then please send a copy to use for evaluation.
  • for small projects, please use our online price offer form.
  • for larger projects or if you prefer to meet in person please contact us directly by email or phone.
  • if you are not in Budapest, Skype or chat meetings are suggested.  Please contact us by email or phone to arrange a date and time.

ExpatTech Web Development

Building websites and web applications is our principle business focus here at ExpatTech.  Each member of the ExpatTech development team has at least 10 years of experience and this plus means that your project will always be tasked to capable hands.  Your project will always be handled in-house; we never farm out your As a company, we have provided web development solutions to clients in Budapest, Hungary, Europe and the United States since 2006.

Our company creates all of its solutions for the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform.  We do NOT currently support or endorse any Microsoft solutions like ASP or .NET.  We do not use bloated open source solutions like Joomla (we will, however, help you migrate away from Joomla if you are currently stuck with it).  We also will never talk about “Web 2.0” or any of the antiquated approaches it describes.  What we do support and endorse is integrating business and consumer websites with other websites and web apps to further online functionality.

For all but the simplest of web projects, we use a variety of technologies in our solutions.  This blended approach to web development includes technologies like (x)HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, AJAX, Flash, Java, Javascript, Red5, jQuery, and MySQL.

Of course,  with all of our solutions, we implement the lightest client-side load as possible by using the latest valid CSS 3 and HTML 5 techniques.   When using extra presentation layers, we always make sure to use best-practices like “unobtrusive Javascript” to ensure accessibility and compliance.

All of our websites are SEO friendly.  We ensure that all site content can be indexed properly by spiders and bots.  We also provide control over URL’s, title tags, and metadata within our custom content management system.

Compatibility & Usability

One challenge for web developers is making websites functional and look good in all the various browsers and on monitors of all various resolutions.  We approach the browser cross-compatibility issue by using progressive enhancement.  This technique basically says that it is easier to build a website to work for older browsers (like the dreaded IE 6) and then to enhance it with functionality that is only understood by modern browsers.  Many development companies build a completely cohesive modern website first and then struggle to make it work in older browsers.  We’ve found that this approach is not very efficient.  

To tackle the problem of varying screen resolutions, we always work closely with the client during design time to select the right combination of fixed, fluid, and elastic page components.  You can read more about these types of website sizing techniques on our web-design page.

Web Development Categories

Small/Medium Websites:  Small to medium size business or personal websites can usually be completed in a few weeks.  They always include a content management system and usually some additional services from our list of ancillary services.  These type of websites usually range from 100 000Ft to 800 000Ft.

Large Websites:  Large websites are usually completed in several months.   Unlike small websites, they are usually built to run on several servers with full load balancing.  They also usually require multi-media development and integration with other websites and applications.  These types of websites usually range from 1 000 000Ft to 20 000 000Ft

Web Applications and Games:  Whether a business application, a Facebook application, or a Flash game, web apps are built to perform tasks or provide entertainment over the internet.  These types of projects can range greatly in their pricing, but most apps can be completed for 600 000Ft to 1 800 000Ft in a few weeks.

Desktop App / Web App Combo:  Many times a project involves a combination of desktop and web development.   Creating fully integrated cross-platform solution is just another example of the type of solutions we provide.  Pricing on these types of custom jobs requires the full assessment process.

Ancillary Services

Our company also provides the full range of supporting services to accompany your web development project.  These ancillary services include:

Logo & Branding Services

Our graphic artists can help you define the perfect look for your new company

Web Design
We’ll use all of your functional & aesthetic requirements design a website which is usable and compliant with all of the latest web standards.

Animation, Video & Music Production

Whether you need some custom artwork, Flash animation, video production, or even music tracks for your project.  ExpatTech has the artists, equipment, and studio to produce to fulfill your project’s multimedia requirements.

Marketing Services
ExpatTech also provides online marketing services.  We can help you develop email and newletter campaigns by integrating your site with Mailchimp.com.  We can also help you use Google Analytics, Google Adwords, or any of the ad-networks like Doubleclick.com.  Additionally, we can connect yoru site with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Whatever your marketing requirements maybe be, ExpatTech can find a solution that fits your time and budget.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process and not an instant cure.  Successful SEO starts with creating a website that is built to maximize the effectiveness of its content on search engines.  After developing a properly constructed website, SEO becomes a matter of analyzing the competition, continually creating valuable content, and continually building inbound links.  ExpatTech can help with the fundamentals and educate your company to become self-reliant.  

Web Hosting
ExpatTech contains rack-space in data centers in Hungary and in the United States.  We can provide hosting and mirror space on both sides of the globe.

Hardware Procurement
Should your website require its own equipment we can procure and configure any combination of server equipment.

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