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About ExpatTech

At ExpatTech, our mission is to use our industry experience in the United States and Hungary to bring excellence to the local marketplace. Specifically, we excel at providing end-to-end solutions including branding, graphic design, web design, web development, marketing, search engine optimization, hosting, translation services, and content creation/authoring. The other part of our business specializes in network and computer hardware services. United, we are able to offer a complete outsourced IT solution for local businesses.

The areas which are most important to our success are:


The cornerstone of any good business relationship is clear and open communication. At ExpatTech we value our clients and this fact is reflected in our outstanding customer service. Our team is, quite literally, able to communicate in 6 languages (Hungarian, English, Japanese, Italian, French, and German).


Success is dependent on sound process. For our projects, whether big or small, we use a proven development methodology based on IBM’s Rational Unified Process. Most of our web development projects involve the following stages:

  1. Requirement Gathering and Solution Discovery

    In this stage we communicate with the customer using tools like the ExpatTech Requirements Document, email, live meetings, Skype calls, etc… to collect and prioritize all of the requirements for the website. After clarifying all of the requirements we use our experience to assign solutions to each. Solutions become visual in the next stage.

  2. Functional Design and Aesthetic Design

    In the Design stage, we first create functional design documents like a sitemap and functional mockups. The functional mockups suggest how the elements on each page of the site might be arranged in relationship to one another. There is no design involved in the functional mockups they are very similar to blue prints. Once the functional mockups are approved, then design is applied to them and the full visual impact of the site is realized. Our team designs at least 3 different versions of how the site might look for every website that we develop. We work with the customer to satisfy their aesthetic requirements. This process might involve several rounds of perfecting. Once the total design of the site is approved, we move to the next stage.

  3. Web Development

    The development stage is where our programmers actually code the site. Only the latest technologies are used, and they include HTML, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and Flash and a MYSQL database. Programmers are required to test their code as they program. This practice helps to make the next stage much easier.

  4. Testing and Revision

    In the testing and revision stage, we test the site and try to find problems. Any problems found are addressed by the developers and then retested to be sure they are fixed.

  5. Transition

    In this stage, we turn the site over to the client for their use. We demonstrate the completed work and provide training for how to use the CMS (content management system). Once the customer is confident, they can begin to use their new site.

  6. Content Development

    In this stage, the customer loads all of their ready content into the site. We’re ready to help if there are any questions or problems.

  7. Search Engine Optimization

    Once the customer has loaded all of their content into the site, we complete the final stage of the project which involves the last half of our SEO checklist.


Obviously, the world of technology is a fast moving one. Our company stays on top of current trends and new technologies. We are early adopters of new technology and are constantly creating new solutions for websites and web applications. Developing new approaches to classic problems helps us to provide more options for our clients and their projects.


We have 3 excellent senior programmers working for the company. In total, our team has more than 40 years of programming experience. We also have 2 designers and a part-time cartoonist and animator, these individuals insure that our work stays creatively competitive. Rounding out the group we also have a hardware and search engine optimization expert and of course our accountant and content author.