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Laptop & Notebook Motherboard Repair Service

Have you been told by another repair shop that the motherboard inside your laptop or Macbook must be replaced? 

Many times repair shops choose to replace the motherboard rather than repair it because motherboard repairs require very specialized tools and intimate knowledge of system board cicuitry.  It's also more cost effective for the shop to sell an expensive part than it is to spend hours on a repair that might not work out. 

Fortunately, here at ExpatTech, we DO take the time to repair motherboards.  We can breathe new life into dead laptops, notebooks and Macbooks.  Better still, you don't have to pay for the service unless it is successful!

So, before you buy a new laptop or motherboard, bring us your old laptop and let us try to fix the motherboard. Here are the important facts about the service:

  • we offer laptop/notebook motherboard repair and Macbook motherboard repair
  • our motherboard repair is successful 70% of the time
  • you don't have to pay unless the repair is successful
  • we offer a 60 day guarantee on all successful repairs
  • we can usually get the repair done in less than 7 working days
  • the price for motherboard repairs ranges from 25000Ft - 40000Ft


Contact us today or stop by our shop to discuss your particular situation in more detail!

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